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Once upon a time, I really wasn’t that great at photography.  I look back at my work, before I learned about how to properly edit, before learning about coloring and how to get the best possible output for my photos, and there were images like this one, which I’m almost ashamed to show you.  Note the fact I said *almost*.


I like my portraits to be light and airy, but bright and welcoming as well.  These were me getting the basics down of my style (which at the time I *thought* I had down) but that was my beginning.  This was one of my second clients EVER.  I’m so thankful for that beginning, because it was someone who was having a baby who said, yes, I’ll give her a chance.  As a photographer, I’m always aware that now, I want the best.  Right now, I’ll even say I consider myself one of the best…but I wasn’t at that time.  I could get cute poses, but I didn’t know any way to fix skin tones or blur blankets or do any of the things that are crucial to my art now.

I guess this write up is to just say to those who may be on this page who are just looking for inspiration, we all start somewhere.  Don’t ever give up on your passion, no matter what it is.  It doesn’t matter if that passion is photography or not.  We all have some desire that we’re absolutely passionate about, and I just want to encourage everyone to go for it.  If you do, you can achieve it.

To those who gave me my start in photography, THANK YOU.  I can’t say that enough.  You gave me the building blocks I needed to create better images, which gave me more confidence about myself.  I am forever grateful for that.  To close, I’m also going to include an example of some of my current work so you all can see the progression, and so that someday I’ll look back and see it as well.  It includes maternity, newborns, and babies for now, all done in my in-home photography studio here in Toledo.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to say it’s my built-on studio at our home, because that’s my final goal to meet.  I want to have a welcoming place that is JUST for my clients to come into for their sessions, a place with high ceilings, multiple set-up areas, a snack bar, and more.  I’m not ever going to give up on that dream.  So Toledo, Perrysburg, Oregon and more, will you help me reach it?  Lets make Toledo small businesses thrive and bring out the positive side of living in Toledo.  (wow did I get long winded or what?!)

Anyway, here is some of my current art.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I also hope you’ll schedule a session with me soon!

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