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I’ve been doing some thinking about really wanting to be an open book to those who read my blog (including my clients, who are amazing) and so I decided today’s blog would be a little about my life.  Since my husband started his new career, I’ve had time to really sit down and think about what I want to do.  I LOVE photography. I love newborns. I love everything about the connection between a mama and her sweet new baby, and the family aspect of it.  I was going to school for a degree in photography, and this year I’ve just recently decided to take a break from it for at least a few months because I would rather invest more time in my family and my own photography than doing photography that wasn’t interesting for school.  Being forced to take pictures of things you don’t love isn’t fun.  It’s stressful.  I still plan on finishing the degree, but I’d like to pay off at least half of the debt that I’ve acquired from it first so I’m not graduating with a ton of debt at the same time that my family will likely be looking for our own home to own (and having to build onto it) because if you dream with me for a minute, my dream for my photography is to have a studio built on to my own home.  A studio with its own entrance, it’s own bathroom, and a snack/drink area for moms and dads.  Plus, honestly, I’d really love to be able to hire and assistant so moms and dads can honestly show up for the session and relax.  Heck, you’re sleep deprived, as a mom of four, I TOTALLY understand that.  I want to have a comfortable enough area to where if you want to show up and take a nap to catch up on a few lost hours of sleep, you can do that and still know your baby is going to be in safe hands while you do.

I am blessed to know what I want to do for a living, and blessed to be able to focus on a niche area in the photography world, because I’m not a photographer who shoots everything.  I want to take portraits of the things that are close to my heart, and capturing the brief moments of expectation around welcoming a child is where my heart is at.  Even if posed portraits of your baby isn’t your thing, I would still love to capture the bond you have with your child, even if it’s just by taking some candid portraits of a normal day with you and your new addition.  Another session type I would really love to do is capture those first moments within baby’s first 48 hours of life, where I come in and just capture the details of your baby and get some of the moments of you bonding with your child for the first time once you’re in the recovery stage.  This could even be done as an add-on if you would like both the hospital lifestyle session and a regular newborn session for anyone interested in that option.

I know our own littlest guy has changed so much, and continues to amaze us every day, and of course being a mom as well as a photographer has it’s bonuses (for now) until he gets sick of being followed around like I’m the paparazzi.  I did a few more portraits of him since he just turned 6 months, so I’ll go ahead and share a picture of him so you can see as well. 🙂  He’s doing SO much, and it’s kinda making me sad because it’s all happening so fast.  Too fast for this emotional momma.

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