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Many of my readers probably come to my blog looking for sneak peeks or to check out my galleries and (hopefully) hire me as their photographer.  This blog post is going to be a bit different in nature, as it’s something close to my heart.  Today marks the start of National Infertility Week.  This also happens to be the day before my oldest boy’s birthday. The day I officially became a mom nine years ago.  That journey wasn’t an easy one, and each journey towards pregnancy and a healthy baby hasn’t been an easy one.  We’re one of the families that’s been affected by infertility (yes, even with 4 boys.)  On average, it takes us 2 years to get pregnant, and we’ve had losses along the way too.  Before we finally got pregnant with our first, we didn’t even think a two year span was an option.  Instead, we had heard the words, “never be able to conceive.”  I was diagnosed with PCOS, and it was so bad they really thought that babies just wouldn’t happen for my husband and I.  With no other choice, we had to pray because we just couldn’t even afford a single try at invitro or any other methods to conceive.  Friends got pregnant, and I was jealous.  As happy as one should be watching others have babies, knowing in my heart that I’d very likely not have one of my own stung.  The wound was deep.  I can’t even tell you how many times I cried, pounded my fists at things and screamed.  The invites for baby showers seemed to be a monthly event.  I really tried to be happy for them, but there was no way I was going.  Then, out of the blue a few years into our struggle, I got sick. Very sick.  My husband joked that maybe I was pregnant, and I honestly wanted to punch him in the face for even suggesting it, but he was right.    I’m saying this to say two things:

Never give up hope.

If you have a friend that’s struggling with it, send them a card, a note, or something that just lets them know you’re thinking about them.

Infertility is a beast, but having people you know care about you can mean the world to you when you’re dealing with it.  To all those who are struggling with it, know that I’m thinking of you.  I’m hoping and praying you’re blessed with a child soon.  To those adopting because of it, I think that’s an even greater cause because you’re forever changing a child’s life and giving them life.  It may not have come from within your body, but you ARE their life, and that’s beyond amazing.  Lastly, if anyone just needs to talk, feel free to send me an email.  I know how important it is to sometimes just need to vent as you’re going through that struggle.

Detroit Tigers Game| Ohio/Michigan Newborn Photographer

I grew up in Clare, MI.  As a result, being a fan of *most* Michigan teams is in my blood (even if I’ll admittedly not watch the games often)…but, I do actually like baseball.  Out of all of the sports that are available to watch, baseball would absolutely be my favorite, with the Detroit Tigers being at the top (because of the whole growing up in Michigan thing.)  Although, if sports are talked in our home, it likely revolves around the Indianopolis Colts (due to that being my husband’s favorite team) and him wishing he could turn his wife into a football fan.  I don’t get it.  There’s just something so much better about going to a baseball game that seems to be an all-American kind of thing.  I love it because it gives our family time to unplug from everything and just go and enjoy ourselves.  Plus, hearing the crack of the bat as it hits the ball is unlike any other sound.  Popcorn and hot dogs also don’t hurt that love for family time together.

Almost two years ago, I happened to realize a set of my friends were fans of the Detroit Tigers as well.  As a result, of course they had a custom outfit made for their beautiful baby girl that showed their love for the sport (and the team).  The only thing that could have made the session better was having a mini baseball bat and baseball that I could add into the portrait.  It’ll definitely be on the list for things to add in for next time I get to do a session for baseball fans.  One of my dreams is eventually to have the opportunity to do newborn portraits (or even baby portraits) for someone that’s actually on the team.  Big dreams, but it can happen, right?

Here are some of the images from that session.  So maybe while you’re getting ready to watch the game today (which starts at 1pm) you can check out the cuteness of these portraits.  Everyone in Cleveland (who are likely rooting for the Indians) you can enjoy the images from the session too! If you’d even like to theme your own newborn shoot with some Indians apparel, I’ll work with you to create some beautiful images featuring your favorite team.  🙂

brooklyn - newborn through one year - joy photography toledo
brooklyn - newborn through one year - joy photography toledo 2

and just because I love to show progressions, here is that baby girl enjoying her one year session with me too.  I love watching babies grow over their first year!

brooklyn - newborn through one year - 1 year cake smash - joy photography toledo 5
brooklyn - newborn through one year - 1 year cake smash - joy photography toledo 4


Mommy & Me Mini Sessions! | Northwest Ohio/SE Michigan Photographer

Mommy and me mini sessions are here for JOY Photography, and are being held in my Toledo, Ohio in-home studio space and outdoors for those who are interested.  The dates they are being held are April 24-25, so you’ll have your files back in time for Mother’s Day (for those who may be a bit forgetful like me, that’s May 10th!).  While I focus on infant photography, this is not just for infants.  If you’re a mom, no matter how old your child is, this mini session is for you.  If you’d like to refer a friend, I’ll give you both $10 off your mini session.  Awesome right?!

mommy-and-me-mini sessions ohio newborn baby photographer mothers day mini sessions mom and me baby mom and baby mom and infant ohio infant photographer photography

We moms don’t get in front of the camera nearly enough.  Do this for your children.  Let them have portraits to look back on with you in them.  Trust me, you look beautiful, and you should be celebrated for all that you do.  Sessions will be between 15-20 minutes long.  Want to go ahead and schedule? email me and I’ll get you on my calendar.


A Babies R Us Easter! | Toledo Ohio Newborn & Baby Photographer

A few days ago, I was able to be a part of my second event with Babies R Us.  This time, it was a Baby Extravaganza just in time for Easter.  Many vendors all come together for it when it’s held, and I’m beyond blessed to be a part of it.  This time, we did some photos on location for parents who were interested, and a gallery was put online for ordering.  Here are some from the event!  I hope to see you all next time!  It was an absolute blast to get to meet so many new parents and connect with them. 🙂

babies r us event joy photography toledo easter
babies r us event joy photography toledo easter2
babies r us event joy photography toledo easter3
babies r us event joy photography toledo easter4
babies r us event joy photography toledo easter5

Thank you so much to the staff at the Holland-Sylvania Babies R Us branch for hosting the event and being so kind and helpful throughout the day!  Looking forward to next time!

If you’ve ended up here looking for the gallery link because you lost the slip from the event, the gallery link is here.  Orders can be done through paypal, which allows you to use your credit card/debit card at checkout. 🙂

Also, I would love if you’d follow my work on Facebook.  To be a fan, go here.

Toledo Baby Photographer | 3 months

A while back, I did a casting call for a few baby’s first year plan clients, who would receive a mini session at each milestone throughout baby’s first year.  This wonderful baby girl’s momma decided to book, and oh. my. gosh. Seriously, I am looking forward to her first year so much.  I love her hair, and I love the outfit her momma picked for her to wear during her session too.  Here are a few of my favorites from her day with me in my home studio.

Toledo Rossford Sylvania Baby Photographer 3 month session-4
Toledo Rossford Sylvania Baby Photographer 3 month session-7
Toledo Rossford Sylvania Baby Photographer 3 month session-11
Toledo Rossford Sylvania Baby Photographer 3 month session-17

Maybe you’ve been thinking about having your own baby’s first year captured.  If you’d like a session of your own to document your baby’s milestones, feel free to contact me to set them up.  🙂

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