The #1 Mistake You Make With Pictures | JOY Photography

Recently, I had a friend of mine that I did pictures for almost a year ago come to me for help.  Her computer was stolen, and on that computer were not only all of her important files, but also her baby’s pictures from birth through her current age.  That included the maternity session, the newborn session, and the images throughout the first year that I was able to capture for her family.  Nothing is more heart breaking than knowing the images you treasured so much are gone for good.  Luckily, I did have the images still (because I may just hoard images for a period longer than the year I normally do) but that still doesn’t mean that putting them onto a new drive, disk, or uploading means they’re safe.  One of the biggest mistakes in today’s digital age is the fact that everything stays digital, especially when it’s portraits that should be around for your family for years.  Did you know that digital files are not archival?

What does archival mean?

In the art world, having something be archival means that the piece of artwork is able to remain durable over time.

Digital files have no way of being archival.  Over time, the files eventually corrupt, get lost, or become so dated that they can’t be opened anymore.  The statistics behind it are even more frightening, as around 90 percent of people keep photos and music on their computers…and of that 90 percent, nearly 40% have lost files due to them corrupting.  When dealing with music, it can be replaced, but photos?  Moments you can’t ever get back?  There is a simple solution to be able to have those files forever.

How can you keep files forever?

Archival quality papers can last 100 years or more.  If you have an 8×10 of your favorite images printed on quality paper with quality inks, they have the potential to last your entire lifetime and more.  I always suggest keeping portraits in a cool, dark, but dry place.  If you stored them in a box in a dresser or cabinet, that works well.  Having them in a fire-safe area is even better.

Portraits I capture are so important to you, but more importantly, they’re even more important to that sweet baby you’re snuggling in your arms or dropping off at school.  When they’re grown, they’ll want these portraits we’ve captured together.  They’ll eventually want to even show their own children someday.

So yes, digital files are available and will continue to be available, but I highly recommend prints being made as well so you can have them forever.  If you’d still like to print some yourself, I can recommend some higher-quality labs that will have longer-lasting prints than most of the stores in the area, such as Walmart, Target, ect.   I highly recommend if printing online, as their colors are calibrated to my own prints, or even Kohne’s camera which is located in Perrysburg.

Don’t lose your baby’s memories because they were kept in a drive.  Print your pictures.  Enjoy looking at them together.  Make memories looking at the family photo album together.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment and let me know what you thought!

Simply Newborn | NW Ohio Newborn Photographer

With fall here now, I wanted to re-visit a session I did a while back and re-edit it to my tastes, simply because it was a newborn, and he happened to be wearing a beautifully crochet’d bonnet that is yellow and fits with the fall theme.  I also wanted to play around with some new tools that I’ve been wanting for a while that help with editing, and I was finally able to get them. With that being said, I’d like to show everyone the final images from this sweet baby boy’s session done at my home studio.  I hope you enjoy it!

joy photography toledo newborn boy ohio columbus newborn photographer

joy photography toledo newborn boy ohio columbus newborn photographer 4
joy photography toledo newborn boy ohio columbus newborn photographer 2

If you would like to capture your own newborn’s images with me, and happen to live in or around the area, I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you!  Please keep in mind that session availability is limited, especially with the upcoming Holidays.  Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are already so close?!  Craziness!  But the good news is that with that, I’ll also be traveling around Midland, MI and also as far south as Columbus, Ohio…so I will have a bit of availability while I’m in those areas as well.

But for now, enjoy these amazing portraits of this beautiful (and handsome) baby boy!  I think I’m in love! (You should be too!)


Oh my gosh, she’s one! | Toledo baby photographer

This sweet girl and her family have become amazing friends of mine since participating in a giveaway I hosted with a Babies R Us event (p.s. the next one of those is coming up this month, on the 17th! Come see me!) and I first photographed her at not even 24 hours old.  She was one of the very first models I had for fresh 48 sessions, and we recently just completed her first year session.  Thankfully we were able to do it while the weather is still somewhat great, which was awesome. Here she is at less than a day old.  SO SQUISHY and CUTE!


and here she is at one.  I love that her mama is all about being simple with the portraits we’ve captured of her sweet girl.  I’m all about keeping things as natural as possible to really just get what matters most in a portrait. Your baby.

baby girl is 1

It’s amazing how quickly that first year goes by, and how quickly your little one grows.  These are times that simply have to be captured.  Of course, if you’re looking for someone to help capture that professionally, I’m here as well…but if not, grab a camera and take pictures.  It really is true that each day a baby changes and grows, and that it passes by all too quickly.  Before you know it that little perfect baby is starting pre-k/kindergarten and you’ll be reminiscing over these times (especially on those first few days back to school.)

To this sweet girl’s family, thank you so much for having me capture these moments for you.  I’m so blessed to call you friends.  I can’t wait to see how she grows as these years continue on! <3  Happy Birthday L!

Toddler Sessions | JOY Photography Ohio

I decided recently to start offering toddler sessions, opening them up first to friends/family to see how I did, but after my first one, I’m kind of hooked.  Even though toddlers can be unpredictable with moods (especially towards having portraits taken) I’ve found I love getting them just being themselves in the environment they are in.  I recently was able to create a magical session at the Botanical Gardens here in Toledo with a little one and her mama (who also happen to be very dear friends of mine).  Here are some of the sneaks from the day, which are amazing.  If you live in or around the Toledo area and you’d like to have images captured of your little one, I will be doing toddler sessions for $200 (includes 8-10 images with print release).  These are available for children 18m+.

joy photography toddler session baby girl botanical gardens

joy photography toddler session baby girl botanical gardens-2
joy photography toddler session baby girl botanical gardens-3

Because It’s Never Too Early to Schedule | Maternity

While I’ve been busy scheduling sessions throughout the remainder of the year for my 2015 babies, 2016 clients are already into the swing of things as well.  I’ve got a sweet baby boy that will be born at the beginning of the year next year, and his mama wanted some portraits of the pregnancy while it was still (pretty much) warm outside.  While my recommendation is usually around the 30-34 week mark (and 37 at the absolute latest) I decided to go ahead and get her in.


As you can see, she was an absolutely stunning model, and the day was perfect for portraits outdoors as well.  It was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot and not to cold.  These were done at the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  Here is another favorite from her session.


This is always one of my favorite areas to photograph in because you can get in so many different looks with the stone walls and flowery scenery that is around the space.  You’ll probably notice I’ve used it for senior sessions and baby sessions.  It’s perfect for all occassions.


If you are expecting and have wanted to have your own maternity portraits taken before the weather gets too fall-like (and cold) then contact me.  Your maternity bump portraits are a free gift with any booked newborn session.  These are moments you want to have.  You’ll look back on this time and miss it, especially when you think about how baby moved around so much.  It goes by much too quickly.

P.S. wasn’t this soon-to-be mama stunning?

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m
S u b s c r i b e !