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With a click of a shutter, a moment is held in time indefinitely.  When it comes to having a baby, whether it’s your first or your adding to your family with a teeny new sibling for your older kids, these are the moments that will never be here again.  These little slivers of time may seem like they’ll last forever, but each day your little baby’s features change a little, and they start to become this little person.  If you’d like to remember the details with a lifestyle session in the hospital to just remember your baby as they were within the first 48 hours of their arrival, you can email me to set up a session.  They last about an hour.

My most recent fresh 48 session was done in Tiffin, Ohio at the Mercy Hospital there.  Here are just a few sneaks of the day.

napping away in the hospital’s bassinet.  Baby boy is adorable.

joy photography fresh 48 newborn session hospital session-2

a close up of Mr. Jayden’s face…and those wrinkly but oh-so-cute baby toes.  I love that mom brought a handmade blanket to use.

joy photography fresh 48 newborn session hospital session-6

I always love to do some classic black and white images during these sessions.  I decided to do one with mom cuddling her new baby boy, and then one with all of his siblings gathered around.  They were completely in awe of their new baby brother.  Having a holiday helped them to also have the day off of school so they could be there.  🙂

3 Month Boy/Girl Twins | JOY Photography Ohio

It’s not every day that twins come into the studio for sessions, but I recently did a model call to build some more into my portfolio, and this pair was absolutely amazing for me.  I’m sure eventually they’ll fight over who is actually the older one, even if just minutes older, but right now they just get to be adored for how adorable they are.  We started out in a neutral setup since I tend to love to stick to things that seem organic & beautiful, and then put them into outfits that mom brought, which were so adorable.  I know mom is excited about having a girl.  Tutus & Ruffles will be on her for years, for sure!

I don’t know about you, but I know little man’s outfit reminds me of the old man from from the movie, “Up”.  He’s so cute posing next to his sister in their grey Chevron & yellow outfit combination.  You’ll be seeing more of these two soon too!  They’re baby planners! You’ll be seeing them again at 6m, 9m, and 12 months. I personally can’t wait!

Baby care 101 for nursing mamas | JOY Photography

Once labor is over and you’ve gotten your beautiful bundle of baby into the world, whether it’s been through pushing or through a C-Section, many mamas become frazzled when it comes time to nurse.  Then, if baby does do well, sometimes it still can go downhill because that beautiful baby has now turned into the colicky beast from who-knows-where.  Often times, it can simply be from the foods that mama is eating.  I know, bummer.  You’ve done all the work throughout the whole entire pregnancy and now you have to be careful what foods to introduce to your baby.  It’s really not fair…but the good news is, for most babies you can start to introduce foods back in after about 6 weeks (although always consult with a medical professional/pediatrician to be sure).

But, on that note, here is a list that really can help prior to your beautiful sweet baby’s portraits to make sure they’re not fussy or gassy.  It can also help to make sure posing newborns works well, without any problems.  If it helps, awesome!  You can feel free to share it with other expectant and new mamas to help them get a bit of rest once their own babies arrive.  Trust me, they’ll be thankful that you thought of them and passed it on! 😉

P.S. Other than a photo session by yours truly, this makes a perfect (and free) gift for an expectant or new mom!

Here it is!  The list!

joy photography list for nursing mamas and new moms


Ohio Newborn Photographer | My “Why”

Growing up, I always thought photographers did everything when it came to their work.  You know, weddings, seniors, women, newborns, babies, toddlers, families, ect…but when I started this journey a few years ago, I knew that I wanted to be the best at newborns.  There was a strong desire in my heart to make sure that parents were able to capture their new baby and be able to have those images to remember and then eventually pass down to their children.  I grew up without pictures on the wall.  Everything that we did have around the house was taken with a regular point and shoot and if it was printed, it was a 4×6.  You’d have to get super close to the frames around the house if you actually wanted to see the pictures.  Fast forward to when I decided to have children.  It’s been a bumpy road, to say the least.  I initially was told that children weren’t even going to be a part of my future because of an infertility condition that I have.  I was young, and wasn’t financially in a place to be able to do invitro, so that was it.  No children.  Two years into thinking that, we were blessed with a pregnancy, which was initially thought to be an empty sac…but that baby was strong, and he grew, and in April of 2006, I officially was a mom.  At that time though, I still didn’t value photography the way I do today.  We only have a limited amount of images of him as a newborn, but nothing that you could really put on the wall and call art.  Nothing to look back at as the miracle that it was.

Every child that we’ve had since then has taken us at least 2 years to conceive.  We’ve also known the pain to have two losses.  Mamas, I know you don’t feel radiant, and most of the time don’t feel beautiful, but that is my why.  It’s why I do this.  I want to make sure you have beautiful amazing portraits to look back on of your pregnancy and that sweet baby that comes from it because it’s a miracle.  It’s special.  It’s a blessing that so many fight to be able to have, and guess what?  You still look stunning.  You deserve to have these portraits on your walls of you carrying that baby, and then holding that baby, and having that sweet baby to look back at as they grow.  Before you know it, the sleepy yawns and stretches turn into wide eyed toddlers who move around and get into everything…and before you know it, that toddler is a child who you’re kissing on the head and sending off to school.  You should be able to look around and see those first days in those moments.  It’s a cliche to say how fast it goes, but it’s true.  You have this moment once, and only once.  Let me help you capture it.

(our 4th boy.  The first baby of ours that I was able to professionally do portraits of as a newborn)



A Fall Mini Toddler Session | JOY Photography Toledo

Isn’t it sad how babies have to grow up so quickly?  I swear I just had completed this guy’s newborn through first year yesterday…and now he’s 2.  Big brother also got into some of the images with him because he’s growing up too, and actually can pose now!  Time needs to slow down a bit!  If only it actually could, right?

Here is a peek into how their session went.  The weather was amazing, the colors were just starting to change on the trees, but we made it work.  I love what we were able to capture of these two together, although mama picking out those overalls for Mr. Nicholas was a great choice, because he looked SO stinkin’ cute! I can’t wait to see how he grows between now and next year!

toddler boy and older brother sibling outdoor fall mini session joy photography toledo botanical gardens ohio childrens photographer

I love how curious and playfull toddlers are during their sessions.  Although he was SO fast…which reminds me, I need to get back to working out again!

If you’d like to capture your own session for fall (while the weather is still relatively good) then email me at and I’ll get you into my schedule.  For those wondering about Christmas minis, you can start scheduling those right now as well.  They will be $150, done indoors.  They come with 8 digital images and a print release.  Pictures will be done up until Nov 25th so that I can get them back to you in time for cards! I cannot believe this year is flying by so quickly!

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